“Designing a lamp isn’t so difficult, but coming up with something new which stands out from the crowd is another matter entirely,” reflects Eero Koivisto on the conception of Baklava.

The model was unveiled in 2011 as part of Claesson Koivisto Rune’s commission to design the highly renowned Nobis Hotel on Norrmalmstorg, Stockholm. Read more

The name is a nod to the Turkish pastry baked in different layers, which is reflected in the design of the shade.

“When the model was finished it looked a bit like a sweet pastry, so we thought Baklava was a fitting name,” explains Eero.

The aim was to create a lamp with a soft glare and a smooth character. The shade is crafted from multiple layers of textile which are draped and tied together at the top and bottom, and there is a red plexiglass disc placed under the light source which emits a soft, reddish-pink glow at the bottom when the lamp is lit. When the lamp is switched off, the fabric is white.

“We wanted to create a more unconventional lamp for Hotel Nobis, so we started experimenting, before eventually deciding on the shade wrapped in fabric and the tied cords. The red filter makes the light even softer,” adds Eero.

Available in different sizes, the model was originally designed for floors and tables, and at a later stage, a ceiling lamp was also conceived. The wide range of sizes and models enables a selection of inspiring group arrangements.

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Technical specification

Design Claesson Koivisto Rune
Electrical data Class II IP20 230V
Description White textile cord. Triple layer shade in off-white textile. The shade changes colour when the light is on. Available in two sizes
Connection Cable with ceiling socket length 1100 mm
Mounting Ceiling hook
Light source 1x2,2W LED E14 (S) 1x 7W LED E27 matt (M)
Weight 1 kg / 3 kg
Volume 0,03 m³ / 0,05 m³
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Recycling Download Recycling Manual

Article no. & model

35384-01-006-N Baklava S pendant lamp: Baklava S. Shade in off-white with red disc
35385-01-006 Baklava M pendant lamp: Baklava M. Shade in off-white with red disc


Baklava S pendant lamp

Baklava M pendant lamp


  • Baklava S pendant lamp

  • Baklava M pendant lamp

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