Lean takes its inspiration from 1950s Scandinavian design. The series is the creation of Jenny Bäck and combines sleek, slender lines with the slightly more industrial expressions of untreated brass, rubber tubing and a boldly formed foot. With its mix of grace and rugged good looks Lean adds personality to public spaces and domestic settings alike. Read more

The lamp takes its name from the inclined angle of the arm that leans back on the kink in the frame and gives the series its signature style.
”The Lean series is conceived as a family of lamps that – like a decorative element or a miniature sculpture – will create a natural focus of attention in a room or public space. The glow that is cast through the slits in the top of the shade adds life both to the shade itself and to the wall behind that it paints in patterns of light and dark,” says Jenny Bäck.

The wall lamp creates a genuine retro-style sensation. A bracket fitted to the wall holds the frame of the lamp in place. The entire light fitting pivots left and right, and the shade can be angled up and down. This makes it easy to direct light to wherever it is needed. There is a switch on the cord.
The wall lamp for hard-wired installation has the same features and functions as the lamp with a cord. The only difference is that the switch is placed on the wall plate.

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  • White structure RAL9016/ rough brass

  • Black structure RAL9005/ rough brass


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Design Egnell Allard

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