In the 1940s PeFeGe Eriksson in Stockholm began to manufacture what soon established a reputation for itself as a classic among industrial work lamps – an instantly recognisable icon that over the years has found a place in countless factories. Indeed, we’re proud to have a PeFeGe original on one of our own lathes here at Örsjö Belysning. Read more

Two Swedish architects, Ann Morsing and Beban Nord at Box Arkitekter, have risen to the challenge of updating this classic design to create a lamp to meet the new demands of today’s and tomorrow’s world – without compromising the distinctive appearance of the original that went out of production in the 1990s. “We could see the potential to transform the lamp into a product that would work in interior decoration contexts, simply by giving its lines a slightly more sophisticated look,” explains Beban Nord of Box Arkitekter. Today the new updated PJ series – contemporary, timeless and equally at home in both domestic, office and public settings – is produced by Örsjö Belysning in Nybro, Sweden. Ideally suited to a wide variety of styles and surroundings, the lamp combines flair with function. The name PJ has been retained. “It’s the original name, and it seemed only natural to continue to use it,” Beban Nord says.

The wall lamp comes in three sizes. PJ71 is a classic bedside lamp. PJ72 has a longer arm that provides a good reach over a desk or other working surface. PJ70 is a standard design with two arms. The PJ series is manufactured in a lacquered metal finish.

A point to remember! When tightening the joints of the lamp, remove the outer wing nut and tighten the nut in the joint. Then replace the wing nut. The wing nut should only be used to make fine adjustments to the tension in the joints.

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Technical specification

Design Box Arkitekter
Electrical data Class II IP20 230V (cord) Class I IP20 230V (hard-wired)
Description Enamelled metal in five colours. Nut behind wingnut tightens joints
Connection 2.8 m cord or terminal block 3x2.5 mm² with option for further extensions
Mounting By cord or hard-wired
Light source 1x 7W LED E27 matt
Weight 2 kg
Volume 0,03 m³
Care Download Care Instructions
Recycling Download Recycling Manual

Article no. & model

PJ70 white Wall lamp PJ70. Cord: White RAL 9010
PJ70 warm grey Wall lamp PJ70. Cord: Warm grey NCS 4005-Y20R
PJ70 oxide red Wall lamp PJ70. Cord: Oxide red NCS 7020-Y90R
PJ70 misty blue Wall lamp PJ70. Cord: Misty blue NCS 5020-B10G
PJ70 matt black Wall lamp PJ70. Cord: Matt black RAL 7016
11298F01-000 Wall lamp PJ70. Hard-wired: White RAL 9010
11298F02-000 Wall lamp PJ70. Hard-wired: Warm grey NCS 4005-Y20R
11298F06-000 Wall lamp PJ70. Hard-wired: Oxide red NCS 7020-Y90R
11298F10-000 Wall lamp PJ70. Hard-wired: Misty blue NCS 5020-B10
11298F15-000 Wall lamp PJ70. Hard-wired: Matt black RAL 7016


Wall lamp PJ70. Cord

Wall lamp PJ70. Hard-wired


  • Wall lamp PJ70. Cord

  • Wall lamp PJ70. Hard-wired

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