Star 3 & Star 6

Star is a modern classic among lamps – the perfect representative for designer Jonas Bohlin’s maxim, “function, innovation and personality”. Star works equally well as a single source of light or as part of a larger constellation arranged in straight lines or circles. Read more

Star comes in different models that can readily be combined to suit needs. The elegant simplicity of the design means that Star is equally at home in almost every setting, public or private.

At Örsjö Belysning we are proud to work with high quality brass and copper. These are materials that endure – materials that age gracefully, gently shifting in shade over time, slowly developing a unique patina and becoming more beautiful with each passing year.

Star is available as versatile track lighting that can be installed either vertically or horizontally to adapt to requirements and the setting in which it is used. Simple installation to a 230 V circuit means there is no need for a transformer. Tracks come in standard lengths of 1 metre and 2 metres and connect with an earthed/grounded plug. It is also possible to customise the size and shape of Star track lighting to meet wishes for L-shaped, rectangular or square configurations, long or short lengths and other adaptations. The track can also be suspended on wires. If you would like to discuss your project specifications with us or request an offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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  • Vitlackerad RAL9016

  • Förnicklad mässing

  • Svart struktur RAL9005

  • Rå mässing

  • Rå koppar


Technical specification

Design Star 3 & Star 6

Article no. & model

35063-01-000 Wall/ceiling Star 3 : White RAL 9016
35063-15S-000 Wall/ceiling Star 3 : Black structure RAL 9005
35063-69-000 Wall/ceiling Star 3 : Rough copper
35063-70-000 Wall/ceiling Star 3 : Nickel-plated brass
35063-72-000 Wall/ceiling Star 3 : Rough brass
35064-01-000 Wall/ceiling Star 6 : White RAL 9016
35064-15S-000 Wall/ceiling Star 6 : Black structure RAL 9005
35064-69-000 Wall/ceiling Star 6 : Rough copper
35064-70-000 Wall/ceiling Star 6 : Nickel-plated brass
35063-72-000 Wall/ceiling Star 6 : Rough brass


Wall/ceiling Star 3

Wall/ceiling Star 6


  • Wall/ceiling Star 3

  • Wall/ceiling Star 6

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